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Old Soldiers and Sailors Reunion

This annual event is held in Erie, Kansas and is its oldest tradition, dating back to 1873.  Erie's Old Soldiers and Sailors Reunion is a six day event that begins on the Monday of the second full week in July.

This event is sponsored by the Erie American Legion Post 102 and MainStreet Memories. 

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Thursday, July 18th Kids’ Night Erie City Park.jpg
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Monday, 7/15                      Erie Chamber Picture Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday-Wednesday, 7/16-17        44th Annual American Legion IPRA
                                  World Championship Rodeo
                                  Erie Rodeo Grounds, State Street
Thursday, 7/18                    Kids' Game Events 
Friday,7/19                       6 pm - Bean Feed, Butler Street                                          by Courthouse
                                  On Main Street: food vendors,                                            inflatables, 8 pm The Traynr Band
                                  Free Concert on Main Street

Saturday, 7/20      Old Soldiers and Sailors Reunion Parade
             Fun Run, Breakfast at Federated Church's Basement,                       Reading of the names at the Veteran Memorial by                           the Courthouse, Car Show, BBQ Contest, Craft                             Show, Youth Rodeo 

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